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  • Gordon austere -2K MT Coins- a 7-foot obstacle, put the brawl through his legs, and dunked. This is a contest-winning douse in a lot of years. It was his aboriginal douse in a aboriginal annular that will be broadly forgotten. Even the dunks that Gordon improvised -- amidst a array of afterwards 50-point afflicted added dunks -- were incredible. This was the douse Gordon on.

    He started with a tomahawk, afresh brought the brawl down to his legs and threw it down abaft his head. He had time to do three agitated motions with his accoutrements while captivation the ball. And dunked. He fabricated this douse up on the spot. And it didn't work.Gordon's achievement was the best by any douse claiming also-ran of all time.

    Abounding will point to the Dominique WilkinsMichael Jordan claiming from 1988 because both players were Hall of Famers and the things they were accomplishing were in actuality aberrant by the standards of the day. But if we're honest, the accepting Gordon did Saturday night would've won that claiming (and about any added in NBA history.)He didn't

    win Saturday night's contest. Gordon will not get a bays and he will not get the $105,000 bulk that winners get. Some will say Gordon was robbed. -MYNBA2K RP- Personally, I was added afflicted by Gordon's final douse than LaVine's endure dunk, but I don't ambition to rain on LaVine's douse parade. LaVine's bold was aerial as well.Instead of griping, I'm just traveling

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  • 10/19/17 at 1:00 PM -
    10/20/17 at 1:00 PM
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Gordon austere 2K MT Coins


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