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    Celtics finally blow it up? Victor Oladipo's unconventional journey to the Orlando Magic ? Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in Brooklyn: Go big and go home ? Sixers divebomb the standings to FIFA 18 Coins  come out on topNBA Draft 2013 results: Every pick from Thursday night -


    The 2013 NBA Draft had much fluidity as far as the rumor mill was concerned. Teams were simultaneously looking into moving up and moving down. A draft supposedly devoid of star talent was still attracting several teams to trade into the top-5 right up until the event began.The Cleveland Cavaliers kicked it off on Thursday night.


    This article features all the picks in the 2013 NBA Draft and links out to full coverage and profiles. Be sure to check out our complete draft section here. You can also follow along our trade rumor section, including talks between the Celtics and Nets involving Kevin Garnett and


    Paul Pierce.And if you're catching up on learning about each draft prospect, visit the section for our NBA Draft scouting report series.2013 NBA Draft results1. Cleveland Cavaliers - PF Anthony Bennett, UNLV (Full coverage) 2. Orlando Magic - SG Victor Oladipo, Indiana (Full coverage)3. Washington Wizards - SF Otto Porter.


    Georgetown (Full coverage)4. harlotte Bobcats - PF Cody Buy Albion online Silver Zeller, Indiana (Full coverage) 5. Phoenix Suns - C Alex Len, Maryland (Full coverage)6. New Orleans Pelicans - https://www.mmogo.com