Popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order

  • From the ultra-popular mobile game " Fate/Grand Order ", Saber's "Miyamoto Musashi" is transformed into a figma movable model! The figma original joint parts that are easy to pose and are not easy to slide can be used in various postures. The key parts use soft materials to ensure balance and mobility. The expression part has a cheerful "smiley face", a "screaming face" exposed during the battle, and a "shy face" that seems to be a little troubled.

    Fate/Grand Order " is published on the official website today (10). "All The States'Men! - From the comics to understand the history of the United States." The event is about to start, and the " Fate/Grand " is also released. Order 2019 ~2nd Anniversary~ "Summon Call", "FGO 2019 ~ 2nd Anniversary ~ Poke UP Call" and "FGO 2019 ~ 2nd Anniversary ~" related information. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Cheap F/GO Saint Quartz, you can get hold of us at our own web page.

    Fate/Grand Order " in the traditional Chinese version (Chinese name: fate - crown position design, hereinafter referred to as "FGO" traditional Chinese version) today (30) launched the activity task "Nero Festival return ~ 2019 Autumn ~". In this warm power festival, the lord will face the challengers of all ages and strive for the glory and reward of victory. At the same time as the challengers are ushered in, the "Caledament Labor Day" registration event will also be open simultaneously, inviting the lords to join the line.

    The Fate/Grand Order has recently announced that it will open the "Nero Festival to 2019 Autumn~" event from April 30th to May 14th. In addition, in order to celebrate the arrival of the Chaldean Labor Day, the official will also hold a series of feedback activities, including four-star self-selected followers. The limited-time event "Nero Festival will return ~2019 Autumn~" will open. During the event, there will be two kinds of activities in the door of the Chaldean. Players can challenge the entrants to get event items for redemption of rewards in the quest. At the same time, in addition to the seven non-renewable super-difficult performances, the re-engraving mission of "Nero Festival to 2018 Autumn~" will be added.

    There will be two new types of "Relic Dress Opening Right" of "5 (SSR) Li Book (Assassin)". The right to open the relics is added to Da Vinci's "Replace Mana Prism" from 18:00 on June 5, 2019 (Wednesday), and the curtain of "5 (SSR) Li Shomon (Assassin)" It becomes exchangeable by clearing the story. In addition to the right to open the relics, several conditions need to be satisfied in order to open the relics.