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    Then, in an instant, it all came crashing down. I watched the video of Shaun Livingston's knee injury in 2007. I haven't watched it since, have no desire to watch it again, and have no desire to show it to you. But, to Madden NFL 18 Coins summarize, he jumped up for an uncontested layup, and when he came down, everything went wrong.


    You see bad things happen to legs in NFL games, and it's disgusting. But somehow it's even more revolting to see on an NBA player, whose knee was exposed by pants. You can see the whole thing mangle in real time.  Livingston tore his and meniscus and dislocated his knee.There was legitimate concern that his leg would have to be amputated. It took months for him to walk normally.Shaun Livingston made $13 million on his rookie contract with the Clippers.


    If he could've salvaged a few million of those dollars, rehabilitated on the Clippers' dime and left basketball with the ability to walk after a gruesome, brutal injury, that would've been enough.We should be thankful Shaun Livingston ever played another NBA game.In the 2008 offseason, a year and a half after his injury, doctors cleared Livingston to play basketball again. Of course, he couldn't find a team easily. The


    Clippers would've had to pay $5 million to keep him for another year per his rookie contract. They would've been foolish to do so.The Heat took a flier on him. It didn't work out. He played four games. They traded him and cash to the Grizzlies for a top-55 protected draft pick -- essentially paying to get rid of him for nothing in return.


    Memphis waived him immediately.Even if that was the end of Livingston's Cheap MUT 18 Coins career, it would've been an incredible comeback. He only played in a limited capacity, he wasn't as good as he once was, and he wasn't worth keeping around. But he went from a potential amputation to playing on the highest level of a sport that requires heavy running and