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    If it takes two years to do that game design, then Buy NBA Live Coins you need a writer at least involved in the process. Maybe not on site, but coming in and out those full two years. You know?"Waiting until the end of the design process to bring in the writer is "nuts," says O'Connor. "You get the biggest bang for your buck from your writer if you bring them in right away, for a couple of reasons.


    One, they have more time to sort of do their work," she explains. "And they have an opportunity to fail, too. They get to try things, be experimental," she adds. "Whereas if you come in with like a month to go, they want you to hit the target right away."And when the goal is just to hit a target, "you play it really conservative," she says. "You don't try anything crazy. So even though what you make is serviceable, it is not great.


    And sometimes you want to do something great. Every writer wants to do something great. Why else would we do this?""Bringing a writer in early, it gives them a chance to be experimental and play with the story and play with what is possible, because this is a medium where we haven't discovered the full vocabulary yet for telling stories in games," she says. "


    We know a few things that work, but there are Cheap NBA Live Coins probably like 20 more things that would work great. We just haven't had a chance to try them yet, because we don't have a chance to experiment."The full feature interview with O'Connor covers narrative "tricks" to engage the player, the Buynba2k.com philosophy in craft of storytelling, and discussion of what developers should look to in the future with regard to game narrative.