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    New games generated $173.8 million, which represented 22.6 percent of overall gross profits. The company saw an overall rise in revenues, but comparable store sales -- which take into account revenues from stores open for a year or more -- were down 7.8 percent due to the recent price cuts in video game hardware. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all cut the Cheap NBA Live Coins prices of their hardware during the fiscal quarter.Nevertheless, the retailer beat consensus estimates, analyst


    Arvind Bhatia with Stern Agee said in a research note. Analyst Colin Sebastian with Lazard Capital Markets said in a separate note that GameStop appears to have gained market share during the quarter.GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo said in a statement, "A sharp focus on efficient operations in this challenging global economy delivered solid earnings results and significant market share gains.


    Gross margins expanded, led by a sequential 150 basis point improvement in the used category. Store foot traffic increased from the prior quarter, driven by strong new title releases and price cuts on all current generation platforms."He added that the holiday quarter started "strong" for the company, thanks to the blockbuster release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from Activision.


    DeMatteo said in the first 72 hours after release, the retailer sold 2.5 million copies. Activision said this week that the military shooter, developed by Infinity Ward, generated $550 million gross in its first five Cheap NBA 2K18 MT days."We are optimistic that the huge success of this game will serve as a bellwether for what we can expect for the remainder of our holiday game sales," the chief exec said. He's also counting on big holiday turnout in the used games segment. "for more news visit to