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  • Marshall was beaten by surprise, only watched the ball into the Cheap Fut 18 Coins net. To a certain extent, in Arsenal into the third goal, Ozil also made some small contribution, because he was replaced by Walcott before the end, he was almost gone The venue, which makes the other side of the handsome fire hearts and minds, and Walcott is playing by the other crazy pressu

    Opportunity to complete the lightning attack in the counterattack, the first 92 minutes, Walcott counterattack in the high-speed dribbling to the restricted area Right pass, Ramsay at 10 yards to stop the ball shot the upper right corner of the door succeeded. With the game 2 assists, Ozil this season, the Premier League assists have reached 6 times, which makes him beat 5 assists
    Rooney high assists in the top, and Ozil to complete these assists only 10 games , In addition, because he also scored 2 goals in the league, so it can be said that Ozil averaged every 1.25 games for Arsenal to create a league goal. This efficiency is compared with a player is the most appropriate, this person is to replace Ozil and joined Real Madrid's 100 million Mr. Bell.
    Bell to Real Madrid after the current appearance of La nostalrius buy gold Liga 9 times, 4 goals to complete 5 assists, averaging a league goal, do not forget that Bell's worth is twice the Ozil. I really do not know when Real Madrid coach Ancelotti see Ozil in the Premier League has an outstanding performance will not sigh: "do not regret selling the Ozil, I decided to leave him Real Madrid." And standing on the point of Arsen,For more news,please visit the website