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    I can not give you more answers. His father to watch the scene? He may enter the transfer market, but I do not know the insider, anyway in England, who do not want to sell players to each other, it will not be frustrating? Of course, I really like him. "Then Wenger once again talked about Ramsay and Wilshire, he said:" Will Hill is afraid to NBA Live Mobile Coins play on Sunday, I hope Ramsey can, I do not know how bad his situation


    Up to now I have not met him, yes, of course I hope he can nothing. For his performance today, I want to say is that I like his second goal, in the past he will not in this position to take such a way to play The door, he is gradually improved week by week, which is quite positive, because a year ago, many people here are questioning Ramsay. "


    Arsenal is now 16 consecutive years into the Champions League, Wenger will naturally talk about this thing, whereby he stressed that Arsenal are a respectable club. "This is of course an achievement, because if you look at other European clubs who have done this, even if there are only three, even look at the whole of Europe.I heard a lot of saying that it is not enough, but it is still Enough to show that our coherence is good and always lofty. "


    Morning News this summer, poor signings coupled with a large area Buy NBA Live Coins of ??injury to the Premiership giants Arsenal in the end how much? Just take a look at Beijing time yesterday, they and Fulham team game bench, yesterday morning home victory over Fenerbahce, Arsenal for the 16th consecutive Champions League qualifying, second only to 18 consecutive years of promotion of Manchester