There are three things that you want to be aware


      Conversely, when you have a quiet matte finish, the luster of wood chess pieces works best.75 inches typically. Ebony or black looks best with ebony wood or black chess pieces, rosewood with rosewood, and sheesham (light brown) pieces with boards made of walnut or hazelnut.

      Glossy Matter. Does the board have a glossy finish to it or a more muted matte finish?

      A final note, these are the rules that apply when chess sets are being put together for others. That is not to say that pieces with a 1.

      . The most important thing to remember is that you are aiming to produce a chess set that matches your life and personality.0 inches, your goal is to find chess pieces with a diameter of 1.0 to 2. Usually in these cases, wood pieces work best.

      Matching sizes

      Usually you want the chess pieces you select to have King whose base diameter is approximately 75% the size of the boar square.5 inches.75 diameter are bad or a no-no, but that is the general guideline. This is also pretty simple. What are the 'black' squares made of - rosewood, ebony wood, etc. 3. Metal chess pieces are skirting board Manufacturers available in both the typically Staunton design as well as themes. Whatever the reason, matching the right chess pieces to the board that you own is a pivotal step in creating a chess set that you will cherish for years and pass onto future generations.

      Finally, you need to pay attention to the material that makes up the chess board. So if your chess board has squares that are 2. 2. What is the length of the squares for each of the chess pieces - this can range anywhere from 1. These principles work for the majority, but that is not to say that you can decide what works best for you.

      First, if your chess set is made with a glossy finish, typically you will want to select metal pieces.

      There are three things that you want to be aware of regarding your board before you start this process.Perhaps you have found a great chess board that you couldn't pass up buying, or maybe you inherited a board that has no chess pieces or they were not what you were looking to own.

      If you chess board is made from pressed leather or pressed brass (traditional coloring or something like red or blue) usually you are looking get your hands on metal chess pieces.

      While there are no rules in selecting a set of chess pieces to match your board, there are a few loose guidelines that will help make the selection process an easy one for you