Best Paying Engineering Jobs

  • As has been the case for many years, the engineering job market is a market of candidates. The number of engineering positions is growing steadily. In fact, with over 7,000 new jobs, engineering is one of the fastest growing sectors in the past year. This is perfectly logical because of the recovery of the manufacturing sector in 2017, after a bad year in 2016. The future seems to continue to smile to engineers. It is estimated that 20% of engineers are over 55 years old and are thinking of retiring soon. This will create a lot of room for young engineers to carve out a good career and get well-paid senior engineer or executive positions in the near future. As for trends, technologies remain predominant. In engineering, the most sought-after skill for employers is knowledge of computer-aided design software. If you know AutoCAD, CATIA, or other industry-standard CAD software, you have an excellent asset for a successful engineering career.