What is System Administrator?

  • A system administrator must have knowledge of operating systems and server administration, especially at the security level. In my case, I have to know the Linux operating system because our servers are Linux, which suits me because Open Source has always fascinated me. This knowledge can be quite useful for development. We are starting to have programming projects for a French box that is doing serious games. Well, I know for having already managed on sites that we host that the PHP language has a very specific flaw where an intruder can be introduced. If I code in PHP, I pay attention.

    It's a pretty static job, but I do not mind. There is a rather minimal customer aspect, even if it is the biggest disadvantage: to manage their questions and their small panics. I think it takes a good critical thinking and in-depth analysis of things, to take a step back from a failure that seems obvious but sometimes has unforeseen implications.

    A final advantage is that, as in all very small businesses, it is a continuous learning. I have to be versatile so I regularly dive into new things, I do the day before, I analyze what comes out as security products In two years, I have made incredible progress!