• The student who is interested in entering the Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and want to become Telecom Field Engineer must be a graduate of the National Preparatory School, the College of Sciences and Humanities or other Higher Secondary Education programs. It is advisable that you have completed the area of ​​Physical-Mathematical Sciences or the set of subjects related to these fields of knowledge in the College of Sciences and Humanities, or in other curricula of Higher Secondary Education. For all cases, the desirable profile includes the following knowledge, skills and attitudes.

    The graduates of the Faculty of Engineering must possess: capacities for innovation, potential to contribute to the creation of technologies and entrepreneurial attitude, with social sensitivity and professional ethics; with potential and vocation to become a factor of change. They will have clear ideas about mathematical modeling of physical phenomena and optimization; they will be open to both continuous learning and interdisciplinarity. They must properly handle their language and have oral and written communication skills.