the customer purchase of equipment

  • Customers can choose different devices according to their own needs. sand making machine have so much variety, customers have more choices. Then the customer purchase of equipment, the proper use of crusher? 


    The first is: equipment before the start, should check the observation door is closed, to prevent the material out from the observation door, dangerous accident. Equipment shall be no-load start, to be the equipment in normal operation before feeding, the shutdown sequence and boot in reverse order. The second is: after the device is started, to continuous and uniform feeding, equipment is not violent vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, it should stop checking. Finally that the sand making machine is stopped when the discharging equipment to stop, should promptly stop feeding, otherwise it will cause squished impeller, burned the motor accidents. The above points is the need to pay particular attention to the clients.


    In the device in use, should be properly do this a few requirements. In addition to counterattack type sand making machine, Shanghai Shanghai mechanism sand blasting equipment and sand washing machine, feeder, crusher etc.. Many equipment manufacturers also provide one-stop services, including equipment transportation and installation maintenance and personnel training, can do more meaningful for our customers save more time and energy on things.