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  • Upstairs, though, the designer veers from that neutral palette, introducing aqua toned rs07 gold walls in the master bedroom and ensuite. In the bathroom, she pairs the colour with dark wood cabinetry, light countertops and light marble floors and tub surround. In the bedroom, she uses the same dark hardwood as downstairs, with a clean lined contemporary bed, also in dark wood, paired with neutral bedding and striped drapes that tie in the aqua with more neutral shades.

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    The Gems of Gwalior If you've chosen to travel by rail or road from Agra, 118km (73 miles) north, to Khajuraho via Orchha, 120km (75 miles) south, set aside a day to explore Gwalior's fine sights. To see them all necessitates an overnight stay in the palace that is part of the attraction and one of the best heritage properties in central India. The oldest surviving Hindu fort in the Bundelkund, it changed hands repeatedly and was admired by all who invaded it even the first Mughal emperor, Babur, who admired very little else of India, famously described it as "the pearl among the fortresses of Hind" (though he still allowed his army to desecrate the Jain rock cut sculptures, viewed as you approach the Urwahi Gate).

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    TRIA's renewal faces a tougher hurdle this year in the House, where conservatives, including Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas, have argued for winding down the program. Hensarling's Financial Services Committee voted to give the program five more years and to increase the amount of losses needed to trigger the federal backstop. But many Democrats and some Republican backers of TRIA have opposed those changes..

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