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    TOR's worst problem is the multitude of stories and how they handled that. Since they spread out the stories to so many different places they never really made any of them all that deep. If they wrote single player game level stories and characters for each of the classes, that would be awesome and the game would be so much better, if more like a coop RPG rather than an MMORPG..

    Online game Runescape has more than 100 million active players and play revolves around collecting and spending virtual cash and loot.A statement from the Police National e crime unit said: "A 23 year old man was arrested in Avon and Somerset on the morning of Tuesday 24 November by officers from the Police Central e crime Unit, on suspicion of a number of computer misuse offences."The offences are believed to be for using phishing e mails to trick people into handing over login details for Runescape accounts.Once hi tech thieves have these credentials they plunder the accounts, strip characters of their items and sell off the rare virtual goods for Runescape gold. This virtual money can be traded to others in game or sold for real world cash.Current underground exchange rates suggest that 2m Runescape gold costs about ($10)."We have pinned down and identified the handful of ring leaders and we are going after them with both barrels," Mark Gerhard, chief executive of Jagex told BBC News."Any online games company will tell you that as soon as the game has value, there's a very small foreign element that tries to exploit that value," he said.Mr Gerhard said the arrest on 24 November was not the result of something that happened the day before. It was one result, he said, of a long term investigation that had sought out those behind the phishing attack that caught out a "few thousand" Runescape players.The biggest audience for Runescape is in the US and UK and Mr Gerhard said it was working with forces in both nations to track down the virtual thieves.Mr Gerhard said its efforts to tackle gold farming may have forced the thieves to try a different approach."Once you close one vulnerability you move the attack surface to another part," he said.

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