Burlesque cheap sexy lingerie Better Than Ever


    Burlesque has never cheap sexy lingerie been more popular, as both an art form and as a fashion movement, and it shows no sign of abating in the new decade. Helping to pioneer the movement since their inception ten years ago, is faux vintage lingerie label What Katie Did. They have costumed striptease artistes across the globe, including London&'s number one troupe Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girlies; even providing corsets for Dita Von Teese&'s recent show at the Gentry de Paris Revue.


    Whether it&'s plus size bodystocking whispery nylon stockings to peel from your million-dollar gams, evening gloves to remove delicately with your teeth, wickedly pointed bullet bras, or the easy-release satin Striptease lingerie; What Katie Did stocks it all.

    Most spectacular of all are the corsets with a myriad leather lingerie of options – lace overlaid, raw silk, over or underbust. The aptly named Showgirl Corsets were added to the range only last year. Lavishly constructed from satin and velvet, some with net overlay, contrasting boning and finished with decadent pleated trims; the clever cut and boned hips of the Showgirl range create a wasp-waiste!

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