Spartak Moscow last round away 1 to 2 loss

  • Spartak Moscow last round away 1 to 2 loss to Sevilla, only four teams before the game to get a win, but still ranked third in the group, from the top three points shy of Liverpool, remains in contention to qualify from possibility. This time against the bottom of the team Maribil, for the Russian super-brigade, it will determine the promotion prospects of FIFA 18 Coins life and death battle. Spartan Moscow is expected to qualify for the final round of competition if it can beat its opponent with home-court advantage, so the campaign must take exactly one-third.

    Maribor last round of three balls defeat Liverpool at the foot of the group before the 4 rounds of 1 level 3 negative only 1 point ranked bottom. As the weakest team in this group, Maribor is doomed to play the role of reading Princes. Although unable to qualify, but they can become a "judge." Once Maribor away blocking Moscow Sparta, then the group's promotion situation may be clear ahead of time.