Cleveland Browns hit a free kick

  • Cleveland Browns hit a free kick in the first quarter, followed by the Tigers quarterback Andy Dalton to find the Taylor-Boyd touchdowns go-ahead, the second section of the Tigers steady fierce tiger, although unable to Madden Mobile Coins touchdowns, but the team continuous Hit three free kick to expand the score.

    The second half of A.J.Green's catch-up to promote more than half, followed by Green another record hit the ball into the red zone, Andy - Dalton behind the moon near the end of Taylor - Aife Tert, the latter touchdown easily. The fourth game Brown finally resuscitated, quarterback DeShaun - Kaiser personally rushed into the end area, touchdowns after Brown saw the hope of equalizing the score, but the best performance of the Tigers runway defender Joe - Mickelson Use the teammate's playoff touchdown touchdowns to kill the game suspense, Tigers home easily win Cleveland Browns 30:16.