In this summer transfer market

  • "If Manchester United want to still be able to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins fight for the title four at the end of the season then we certainly need to have a strong team and of course I believe as the team's coach Mourinho should Feel happy for the current lineup within Manchester United and currently have a very good atmosphere in Manchester United and every player is confident and the locker room is full of laughter and sincerely hope I can work with such a strong team Some great achievements. "

    In this summer transfer market, Manchester City spent more than 200 million pounds, including the introduction of Keller - Volcker, Mendi, Danilo, Bernardo - Silva, Edson and other high-level players. As the team's midfielder, Fernandinho made it clear that Manchester City have enough money to sign Messi and C Lo, but because of Blue Moon's team idea is "to build a long-term competitiveness of luxury Division, "not just" buy big names ", so Lionel Messi, C Luo was able to remain in Barcelona and Real Madrid.