In the team history

  • The total record of the red ball is also belong to the famous cowboy and lion. Emmett career 10 Thanksgiving battle 199 times out of the ball 892 yards 9 war, this performance may one day be Iqi Kiel - Elliot break, but it is still too early. Behind Emmett is another cowboy star Tony - Dorset, 10 games have 723 yards 9 wars. Lion's first team history Barry - Sanders 7 entries also have 625 yards 4 touchdowns.

    In contrast, the Thanksgiving record of catching the ball is not that far away. November 22, 2012 In the team history so far the only one Thanksgiving game, the Texas team's first player in the history of the team Andrey - Johnson received nine yards to Madden Mobile Coins 188 yards, helping the team 34-31 thrilling victory Lion, the record improved to 10 wins and 1 loss.

    The 188-yard catch broke the 185-yard thanksgiving catching record Lance Alwiss shot for 48 years at the San Diego Lightning Hall of Fame. In the active catcher, the best performance of Thanksgiving played is the cowboy's star took over outside Dez Bryant, the same day in 2012, Bryant eight hits 145 yards 2 touchdowns (but But also once out of the ball), but unfortunately the cowboy's opponent is a heirloom rookie quarterback Robert - Griffin III led the Washington Redskins, and ultimately only 31-38 score hated the holidays.