Thanksgiving Day is a turkey dinner

  • Thanksgiving Day is a turkey dinner with rugby match, just as the Chinese New Year dinner with the Spring Festival Gala are the same as the traditional festival of Madden Mobile Coins scientific and technological progress, the development of the times, slowly became a habit.

    My understanding of Thanksgiving still stays in the film "Weakness" and the American TV series "Friends of the Friends", the formal point of the family it hand in hand a prayer to thank God, and then began to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner; Scoop a few spoonfuls of salad, stuffed a few muffins squatted on the edge of the TV to watch the game, a look is one day, not enough to see about three or five friends to the yard to play football. This premise must be a family to eat turkey dinner watch NFL game, if not there is no atmosphere of Thanksgiving, one of which can not be less.