Bortles said the Jaguar offensive group wanted a breakthrough

  • This season, the Jaguar most of the time to rely on red ball attack to Madden 18 Coins obtain the code number, which also increased the opponent to run against the intensity.

    Leonard - Fernett (Leonard Fournette) of the absence of their array of some changes. Sunday against the pony game, although the Jaguar is still red ball 37 times, but their passing attack is unprecedented efficiency.
    Blake Bortles (Blake Bortles) 26 pass 18, made 330 yards and 1 touchdowns, 6 passes more than 20 yards. "We want to get some breakthrough," said Bortes, "and we feel that we think we will put people in the box for the red ball, so why do not try to pass the way forward.
    A game that won the pony also shows nothing, but if Bortles can continue this performance, the Jaguar won the United States Southern District is not impossible.