Premiership - Kane Grand Dorsett 

  • 2016/17 season, the Premier League ushered (visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins)  in the first 34 rounds of a racing, guest of the Imperial Stadium Tottenham 6-1 blood wash Leicester City. Kane 25 minutes, the first 63 minutes, 88 minutes and 92 minutes into the four ball staged Daxi hi, go against Sanchez and Lukaku leading scorer list; In addition, Kane also assists Sun Xing 慜 36 minutes break, South Korea feet and In the first 71 minutes scored twice, and the reciprocal assists Kane a ball. Civillier scored a goal for the city of Leicester. Tottenham made the Premiership streak, Leicester City was defeated by the Premier League.
    The two clubs in the history of confrontation 107 times, Tottenham 52 wins and 21 draws and 34 losses prevailed, of which the league 43 wins and 19 draws and 31 losses. The last 10 duel, the two sides win three equally, but the last three league clash, Leicester City 1 wins and 2 level unbeaten, this season, Premier League first leg, both sides shake hands. Leicester City, the last eight home 6 wins and 2 draw unbeaten, Tottenham ahead of this season, the Premier League runner-up.
    The game, Leicester City captain Morgan, Hut, Hamor, Wagga, Gold, Deling Kewo Te and Mendi are injured, Maherrez and Waldie led the starting, the Japanese international Okazaki Shinji won Starting point of opportunity; Tottenham, Walker, Terry Pierre, Winks, Wicks, Deng Beilei, Ross and La Maela injury due to injury, South Korea feet Sun Xing, Kane and Ali together starting the front line Trident The
    6 minutes, Davis biography, Alde Weier Erde header header. 2 minutes later, Sun Xing Dai Davis pass to try to shoot long shots. 9 minutes, Maile Leiz Zhise, Valdi restricted area right rib burst shot was Lori confiscated. 4 minutes later, Ametai use a positioning ball opportunity to try long-range, the ball hit the defensive player was Lori confiscated. The first 15 minutes, Ali front steals, Sun Xing 慜 restricted area right-sided shot single shot. 2 minutes later, Kane restricted area arc top free kick was blocked by the wall, Sissoko restricted the top of the arc burst shot higher than the beam. The first 21 minutes, Kane steals the ball after a long shot to miss the right goal post.
    25 minutes, Tottenham made the lead, Sun Xing 慜 restricted area on the right side of the inverted triangle back, Kane small restricted area before the right side of the shot, 1-0! The first 27 minutes, Davis biography, Ali header header was Schmeichel saved. 1 minute later, Ali long shot again by Schmeichel to resolve. 36 minutes, Tottenham to expand the lead, Wan Yama pass, Sun Xing 慜 penalty point volley shot the bottom left corner, 2-0! 38 minutes, Sissoko pass, Cair restricted area right rib shot was blocked by the defensive player. 1 minute later, Davis corner pass, the Dell header was Schumacher to resolve. At the end of the first half, Tottenham 2-0 lead Lester City into the intermission.
    The second half easy side battles, Leicester City with Sliamani for Okazaki Shinji. 47 minutes, Alberta pass, Bena Luan header header. 3 minutes later, Maherrez two consecutive long-range were defensive players blocked, Amartai try long-range is also blocked. The first 53 minutes, Albright restricted area shot was blocked by the defensive player, followed by Maherrez long-range was Lori resolve. 56 minutes, Kane restricted area on the left biography, Sun Xing 慜 penalty point off the left hook shot wide of the right post. 59 minutes, Leicester City regain a point, Endui sent Zhise, Valdi shot was Lori sealed, Endu Di cross the ball, Chi Weier penalty point shot low, 1-2!
    63 minutes, Tottenham once again established two goals lead, Alde Weier Erde restricted area on the right side of the pass, Wan Yama after the header attacked by the defensive player block, Kane close the blanks scored twice, 3-1! Sissoko's 65th minute violation of Civillier ate a yellow card. Leicester City 66 minutes with Gray for Benalu Luan. 71 minutes, Tottenham continue to expand the lead, Kane direct pass, Sun Xing 慜 restricted area arc top shot lower right corner scored twice, 4-1! Sun Xing harvest this season, the Premier League 14th ball, the number of goals to 21 goals.
    The first 73 minutes, Alde Weier Erde pass, Sissoko long shot by Schmeichel to resolve. The first 74 minutes, Gray pass, Sliamani restricted area right rib shot was Lori sealed. Gray's 75th minute violation of Wilhelm Hang to eat a yellow card. 78 minutes, Kane restricted area arc top free kick shot higher than the beam. Tottenham 78 minutes with Janssen instead of Sun Xing, Leicester City with Moussa instead of Waldie. Simpson 80 minutes to inflict Ali to eat a yellow card. The first 81 minutes, Dell restricted area arc top free kick shot higher than the beam. 3 minutes later, Janssen pass, Kane long-range missed the right goal post.
    85 minutes, Wan Yama pass, Jansen long shot higher than the beam. Tottenham for the first 86 minutes with Leth Nick replaced Dunlee. The first 86 minutes, Sissoko pass, Ali long shot higher than the beam. 88 minutes, Tottenham continue to score, Rusniak direct pass, Kane restricted area arc top detonated shot the right side of the hat hat trick, 5-1! Tottenham spent up substitutions, Endu library for Sissoko. 90 minutes, Janssen to do the ball, Ali restricted area left rib shot was Schmeichel to resolve. Time 92 minutes, Tottenham locked score, Davis pass, Kane 18 meters shot hit the big four hi, 6-1! Kane this season, the Premier League goals to reach 27, a career high, go against Sanchez and Lucca library, leading scorer list, the tournament this season, the game reached 32. Eventually, Tottenham 6-1 Bloodbath Lester City.
    Leicester (4-4-2): 1 - Schumacher / 3 - Chilliere, 17 - Simpson, 29 - Bena Luan (66 '22 - Gray), 280 Fox / 11 - Albrighton, 13 - Amtai, 25 - Endadi, 26 - Maherrez / 20 - Okazaki Shinji (46 '19 - Sliamani), Waldie (78' 7 - Moussa )
    Tottenham (3-4-3): 1 - Lori / 4 - Alde Velder, 15 - Dell, 5 - Weir Tong Hang / 17 - Sissoko (90 '14 - 12 - Wan Yama, 33 - Davis, 19 - Dumbai (86 '44 - Lusniak) / 20 - Ali, 10 - Kane, 7 - Sun Hing (78'