The Kings were 2K MT Coins said


    The Kings were 2K MT Coins said to be Smith's top suitor, but they went a different direction by locking up Kosta Koufos. Now we'll see if the Rockets are willing to bring Smoove back above a minor deal or if that's their limit. There are no other obvious suitors unless a contender decides to roll the dice. Here's my fever dream scenario is there a chance a Chinese


     team could drop a Godfather offer on Smith? He could average a quadrupledouble.6. Enes Kanter 50)Kanter was said to be discussing a deal near the postrookie maximum with Oklahoma City, but there's been little noise on that of late. The Thunder already locked Kyle Singler and watched the RFA they sent out in the Kanter deal Reggie Jackson take


    million. It's hard to see how Kanter has any leverage at this point. There isn't a ton of cap space left out there. If OKC won't concede on a maxish deal, is he a candidate to sign the qualifying offer?7. J.R. Smith 51)Cleveland's flirtation with an expensive Joe Johnson trade feels like a direct threat to Smith. The Cavaliers are a perfect fit for him and it's


     a bit curious he hasn't reached a deal MYNBA2K RP yet, especially given that he left money and a chance to hit free agency in 2016 on the table.8. Jordan Hill 52)The Lakers have apparently moved on, trading for Roy Hibbert. That's bad news for Hill, who actually isn't bad in a proper third big man role. Could he be a desperate option for the other L.A. team in the


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