Owen gathered in London

  • According to the US media, "Boston Globe" reported that Irving led the Celtics and the Great led the 76ers tomorrow will be staged at the O2 Stadium in London a wonderful game, said in an interview today, Owen said he can come to NBA Live Coins London O2 Stadium play is their wish has always been.

    Owen said: "I am very grateful to fans for voting, I am a basketball fan, a sports fan, playing in the O2 arena is my pride. I can not wait to debut the game, and can get to Europe, especially to London The opportunity, we will cultivate the soil here for the NBA. "

    The Celtics will play 76 matches NBA Live Mobile Account tomorrow at the O2 Arena, and the 76ers who have come to London are not idle. The players such as the Great Emperor Embeed and the 76ers visited Stamford Bridge Stadium and watched Chelsea Arsenal match against.