Emphasizing Your Corset

  • A corset functions well in the bedroom to add extra Cheap Shapewear stimulation. While the corset is great on its own, it is even better when it is supplemented by accessories. Within those accessories there are things like skirts, garters, panties, and stockings.

    The first items Cheap Sexy Clothes  which greatly enhance your corset are the laces and lacing guard. The lacing guard is better known as the pack panel. It is covered in the same material as the corset. It functions to take up the space in between the corset laces. If your corset is laced to expose skin, this functions as an option to cover that skin, especially if you are wearing the corset in public. It also prevents any kind of irritation from the laces rubbing against your back if you have sensitive skin.

    Then after that accessory, you have garters. There are two kinds: detachable garters and attached garters. Obviously attached garters are sewn to your corset and connect to your hosiery. They can be altered in their length, but they cannot be taken off of the corset. The detachable garters can be removed and attached to different corsets or stockings, or they can be left hanging from your corset.

    Another item used in conjunction with the lacing and the garters and your corset are clearly the laces themselves, which can be changed for varying colors or fabrics. Stockings and other hosiery can be purchased in the same color as your corset to match the ensemble or they can be purchased in different colors to add contrast.

    Naturally a good corset comes with a good thong. The thong provides sexy and sleek attention to your thighs and the area between, while also emphasizing your backside if it is a thong. Undergarments to flatter your corset can be thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, or even crotchless.

    The last accessory is of course at the very bottom: the shoes. High heels are generally suited for a corset and they serve a purpose. High heels will begin by drawing attention to your legs, which are forced to flex in this situation, looking sexier. Your butt sticks out and the heels make your back arch into a sexual position. You stand up straighter in heels and that draws attention to your bust. Not only will you feel sexier, but you will look sexier.